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We hope our website will become a resource to assist customers in navigating their way through plan submittals, plan review, the inspection process and policies (more…)

We’re in the Houston Permitting Center

Come drop off your fire protection system plans with commercial plan review. We will be happy to review  your plans when they are delivered to (more…)

Preaction Valve Overview

Most sprinkler system inspections will involve a routine wet pipe system. On rare occasions you will be scheduled to inspect a preaction system. Testing a (more…)

Artificial Smoke vs Magnets when testing smoke detectors

Most fire alarm contractors in the Houston area are aware the Fire Marshal’s Office requires the use of artificial smoke when testing a buildings smoke (more…)

The purpose of eccentric reducers

During the course of learning every component in a fire pump room by name you began to become very comfortable testing these systems. At some (more…)

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