Fire Sprinkler Inspections

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3D Fire Pump Room Drawing

The fire pump room in a building with a standpipe-sprinkler system combination can beĀ  a challenge sometimes when working in an environment with an inexperienced (more…)

Preaction Valve Overview

Most sprinkler system inspections will involve a routine wet pipe system. On rare occasions you will be scheduled to inspect a preaction system. Testing a (more…)

Dry Pipe Valves Overview

Dry pipe systems are mostly used in areas that historically have hard freezes. However they are used in buildings here in Houston in large freezers/coolers, (more…)

How to final a project

When all of the required fire inspections are complete and the occupant’s space is ready to be occupied there are just a few more steps (more…)

What exactly is a FP and 17 final?

In this post we will discuss finals for fire protections systems. It will include standpipe-sprinkler combination systems being installed in new construction and existing construction. (more…)