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What’s needed to final this project?

When performing inspections in a new building under construction there are certain inspections that must be completed before the building can be placed into service (more…)

Did the system test pass or fail the inspection?

When you have a scheduled inspection to witness the testing of various types of specialty valves such as the single-interlock, double-interlock, or non-interlock preaction systems (more…)

Quick Dry Pipe Valve quiz

Dry pipe valve can be very advantageous for building owners wanting to protect sensitive or valuable items. They have a fear of wet pipe systems (more…)

Quick Fire Alarm Quiz?

During the course of performing inspections of various components of a fire alarm system and combination standpipe-sprinkler system there are several signals that are sent (more…)

How well do you know valves?

When performing an inspection of a sprinkler system and it’s components there are different types of valves that serve specific purposes. There are specialty valves (more…)