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Plan Review Team Documents

The daily grind of reviewing plans, inspecting those plans reviewed, entering data into the ILMS, knowing when or when not to final a project and (more…)

STOP before you final.

Some situations require us to stop and think before we take actions. When preparing to¬† perform an inspection in a large building you should make (more…)

ILMS codes for plan review fire inspectors explained

As a new fire inspector on the plan review team there are several ILMS codes we use that are not used on other teams within (more…)

Thank you for visiting us!

We hope our website will become a resource to assist customers in navigating their way through plan submittals, plan review, the inspection process and policies (more…)

We’re in the Houston Permitting Center

Come drop off your fire protection system plans with commercial plan review. We will be happy to review¬† your plans when they are delivered to (more…)