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Anti-Vortex Plate

When performing an inspection of a fire pump room in a building requiring standpipes you will often see a water storage tank for the fire (more…)

3D Fire Pump Room Drawing

The fire pump room in a building with a standpipe-sprinkler system combination can be¬† a challenge sometimes when working in an environment with an inexperienced (more…)

The purpose of eccentric reducers

During the course of learning every component in a fire pump room by name you began to become very comfortable testing these systems. At some (more…)

Fire pump run demonstration video

The fire pump run is a critical part in the final of the sprinkler and standpipe system. The location of the components are configured to (more…)

Standpipe System Fire Pump Room and Water Flow

Standpipe System¬† Fire Pump Room Understanding the flow of water from the city main through the pump room into the standpipe system will help inspectors (more…)