Fire Marshal Field Inspection Logs

In an effort to more effectively serve contractors within the City of Houston requiring Fire Marshal field inspections for sprinkler, standpipe and fire alarm systems we have developed the attached Fire Marshal inspection logs. The inspection logs will be filled out by the Fire Inspector performing the inspection.

These logs shall remain on location of all new construction sites requiring standpipe/sprinkler systems as well as fire alarm systems for the shell and core. The logs will also be used for existing buildings that are undergoing complete renovation and/or adding sprinklers to meet the Houston Highrise Ordinance.

Contractors should prepare a folder for Fire Marshal inspections to be kept with the approved plans and add the following forms (Print forms in the landscape position for spacing):

Fire Marshal Standpipe Inspections Only

Fire Marshal Sprinkler Inspections Only

Fire Marshal Fire Alarm Inspections Only

This will aid the contractor as well as our plan review team when it comes to finalizing sprinkler, standpipe and fire alarm systems. After downloading please follow the directions on the forms.