Plan Submittal & Field Inspection Guidelines

These guidelines are to be followed within the City of Houston when an organization, Fire Alarm and Plans largefacility or business plans to install or modify a fire alarm or standpipe system. The guidelines will assist an organization in the preparation of fire alarm or standpipe system plans for review and approval.

The following guidelines are not to be interpreted as containing all data required for proper design, installation, or approval. Starting construction before plan approval may be considered as just cause to issue a stop work order from the Fire Marshal’s Office.

All  fire alarm and standpipe systems for the purposes of these guidelines and any other guidelines or requirements of the Houston Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office shall conform to the 2006 International Fire Code and International Building Code as adopted and amended by the City of Houston and any applicable NFPA standards.

These guidelines do not replace, nor supersede any codes and/or ordinances adopted by the City of Houston, or determinations and positions of the Fire Marshal.

For permit and plan review forms please visit the City of Houston Permitting Center’s website to download the appropriate form.  Click here to be taken to the Houston Permitting Center’s forms page. Form 1047 should be used for fire protection systems.


Standpipe Submittal Guideline

Typical standpipe and fire pump room arrangement diagram (Example)

Typical standpipe and fire pump room arrangement diagram (PDF)

Underground Fire Line Inspection