Plan Review

Plan Submittal

Plans may be submitted at 1002 Washington Ave, Houston Texas 77002. The information desk will be able to guide you through the necessary steps to obtain permits and submit plans.

Plan submittal shall be accompanied by a Fire Protection Systems Plan Review Form and a Fire Alarm Permit Application. Please make note of the fees on these two forms as they have changed. 

Fees for new fire alarm and standpipe systems will be calculated at the time of approval. All fire alarm and standpipe devices shall include a device count on the plans. These devices include smoke detectors, strobes, pull stations, audible devices, angle valves on each floor, fire pumps etc….

The Fire Alarm Permit and Plan Review Procedures established by the Houston Permitting Center must be followed. Plans cannot be submitted directly to our plan reviewers, but routed to us through commercial plan review.

A minimum of 2 sets of design drawings, drawn to a recognized architects scale must be submitted, stamped, signed and dated with either a Texas Fire Alarm Planning Superintendent (APS) registered with the submitting company, or a Professional Engineer registered in Texas whose major discipline is Fire Protection Engineering (FPE).

Deferred Submittal

If the need arises for the fire alarm contractor to submit plans separate from the general contractor’s set of plans at a later date a note will be required in the code analysis on the plans. The note shall read ” FIRE ALARM PLANS WILL BE APPROVED SEPARATELY BY THE CITY OF HOUSTON PRIOR TO INSTALLATION”. 

This is to ensure that the plans are reviewed and all work is installed according to the fire code, building code and applicable NFPA standards. The note and the plans submitted will be required to be approved and all alarm work inspected prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

Plan Resubmittal

From time-to-time plans may be rejected due to a number of issues. Please check out the most common reasons plans are rejected below.

When plans have been rejected a resubmittal of the plans should follow. When resubmitting plans make sure that all rejected issues have been corrected.

Please provide us with a response letter on the company’s letterhead stating all the rejections and the corrections that have been made to the drawing(s).

Revised Plan Resubmittal

When submitting revisions to original plans please be sure to submit the original stamped approved drawings along with the newly revised plans.

Most Common Reasons Plans are Rejected

  • APS/Engineer stamp not signed or no stamp at all
  • Improper candela ratings
  • No sequence of operations provided on the plans
  • Legend does not show all devices and/or is not complete
  • UL monitoring not provided
  • Does not have a common architect scale (improper scale or special scale not used by our office)
  • Architect and Fire Alarm plans do not match
  • Plans for mulitple buildings or multiple areas within a building do not provide a site plan /key map for fire alarms and standpipes
  • Project numbers do not match or correspond with the correct area on the site plan