Services We Provide

Our team of office professionals provide plan review for fire alarm systems and standpipe systems only. We work closely with the building department’s Fire Protection Engineer who provides sprinkler plan review, however, our fire inspector’s conduct field inspections of the sprinkler systems reviewed.

We do not review electronic plans. This website was created for informational purposes only.

Our field inspection fire inspectors provide a wide range of services that range from inspecting fire alarm systems to inspecting underground fire lines. Our field inspectors have years of experience and ensure that the work performed at a location matches the approved set of plans bearing the Fire Marshal’s stamp or Building Departments Fire Protection Engineers stamp.

If you have questions that do not pertain to fire alarm plans, standpipe system plans or field inspection of those plans please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office main number at 832-394-6900.

When you call make sure you tell them which type of occupancy you are calling about,  the zip code in which the occupancy exist and your main concern(s). Someone at the main number will be able to point you in the right direction or get you to the right team to handle your questions and concerns.